Mihai Croitoru
The studio was founded by Mihai Croitoru, a Central European creative consultant working with architecture, art, audio and more. Working as freelance architect in Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague since 2000, he uses tools derived from his passions and hobbies. This helps him optimise the interaction between receptor and stimulus for a better immersion into the spaces he creates.
+421 917 422 225
The world’s most iconic images on demand for tailoring spaces beyond the limits of their architecture.
HI-FI  systems design, related to space and budget. All excel at naturalness, low-level detail and a warm, engaging sound at a moderate listening level,  to provide a lifetime of listening pleasure at home.
The heart and soul of what he provides. A combination of artistic and tactics, imagining, coordinating and creating some of the world’s most iconic places.
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